New release – Bleecker Street Company – “I Don’t Know”

I tracked most of this tune, and also played bass for it. Enjoy!

I’m also mixing their new EP.

For more info on Bleecker Street Company, like them on Facebook or check out their Bandcamp.

Repair/Cleaning – Mackie 32.4 VLZ-Pro Mixer

PRO TIP - don't let this happen to your mixer.

PRO TIP – don’t let this happen to your mixer.

I recently hired to suss out and remedy some problems in a sound system for a camp in the San Bernardino mountains near Lake Arrowhead. I fixed several issues, but in this post I’d like to focus on the Mackie 32.4 VLZ-Pro Mixer.

I couldn’t find any solid guides on this particular mixer, so I decided to post my journey to Raxus Prime’s long-lost sibling online. If you’re ever taking one of these fellows apart, this is hopefully a decent guide for you – and just a handy guide in general for cleaning mixers large and small. It’s not especially tricky, but there are a few bits that might help. Continue reading

New Music Video – Tudor Williams’ “Tractor Love”

guiltypleasuresTudor Williams’ second music video from his Guilty Pleasures EP is out and about on the internet.

Watch the “Tractor Love” video below!

You can also pick up the Guilty Pleasures EP on iTunes…or Amazon, if that’s the digital music dealer you fancy. You can also check out his website.

Look for Tudor’s full-length album is going to release the in the first quarter of 2014.

New album dropping – John Brazell’s “Restless Heart”

restlessheartOver the last several months I had the pleasure of being the recording engineer and co-producer on John Brazell’s fantastic album, Restless Heart. He’s a fantastic singer-songwriter who was my first-ever recording project in college, and he did me a favor by letting me have a do-over and record this project. I also played bass for every track except “How Does A Fool” and “New Day”, and contributed other instrumental tracks as well.

Many thanks to Adam Rupp, Kelsey Kepple, Josh Wood, Sean Beck, Zech Hogan, Kyle Greenberg, Bryan Taylor, Mike Springs, and the other amazing musicians and engineers who contributed to the album that I’m doubtlessly leaving off on accident. Drums were recorded by Kevin Penner at Green Bean Studios and Ebuit Cervantes at E’Studio. Mixing and mastering was done by Masaki Liu of One Way Studio.

The album is dropping in November 17th, but there’s some groovy things you can check out before you can get it. For one, you can get an album sampler of four tunes for FREE on NoiseTrade. You can also view his music video for City Girl below, follow him on Facebook, or check out his website.

New Music – Tudor Williams’ “Cat Lady”

guiltypleasuresHey all – some new music from a good friend, Tudor Williams. His EP Guilty Pleasures is on iTunes as a promotion for his upcoming full-length album. I had the pleasure of doing some engineering and production consulting for him.

Guilty Pleasures has three tracks – “Tobacco”, “Cat Lady”, and “Tractor Love”. Each song has an accompanying video, which will be released each month. The first one, “Cat Lady”, dropped recently – you can watch it below!

You can also follow Tudor on Facebook, look him up on ReverbNation, check out his website, or buy the EP on iTunes or Amazon. He’s got some great songs coming up for his album which should be coming it in January, so follow him closely.

In any case, check out “Cat Lady” below – and look for the release of the “Tractor Love” music video on November 5th!


Buffer Pedal for Sean Beck – Finished Product

Simple op-amp buffer circuit to help with tone issues on a true-bypass pedalboard.

Simple op-amp buffer circuit to help with tone issues on a true-bypass pedalboard.

Finished up an simple project for an excellent friend and colleague, Sean Beck. He has a pedalboard composed entirely of true-bypass stompboxes, and needed a signal buffer to aid his guitar signal on its way through all that wiring.

After some research, I chose the stripboard layout on the left of a simple integrated circuit buffer. There’s a CR (capacitor-resistor) network at the circuit input to filter out radio signals and other issues, and a DC-filtering output capacitor on the back end, and an IC in the middle. It’s pretty simple. Stripboard is also super-easy to work with on circuits with low component counts, and much cheaper than creating or ordering a custom circuitboard. Continue reading

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Sennheiser e609 – I love this mic

2013-08-08 09.41.23

Audio samples to come. e609 against a Fender Blues Jr.

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A Fretless Bass Build

Some of you know that I’m very serious about my monogamous relationship with Lilah, my beautiful Godin Freeway 4. However, I suppose she’ll have to budge over for the bass I’m currently building.

This post will be continuously updated as I continue to work on the bass, in reverse chronological order (newest stuff at the top.) Continue reading

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New release – Misha Goetz’s debut album

I had the pleasure of doing some recording and audio editing on Misha Goetz’s new album, Weight of Glory. It was recorded at the amazing Schnee Studio in LA, and produced by my astoundingly talented colleagues Sean Beck and Bryan Taylor. It’s officially dropped on iTunes, and you can listen to song clips here!

Peter Charles’ BETWEEN THE BLACK KEYS picked up by Crucial Music


Great news – Peter Charles’ EP Between The Black Keys (recorded, produced, and mixed by myself) has been picked up by Crucial Music, a Los Angeles music licensing company. Crucial has signed Peter’s previous music as well, and placed his singleĀ “Helpless” in the Sony picture Hotel Transylvania. Crucial’s placements are extensive – they’ve had their artists placed on How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, Cloverfield, Ocean’s Twelve, and Grand Theft Auto IV.

You can find Peter’s music on iTunes and get to know him on Facebook. I’ll also be playing a show with him on August 17 at Amplyfi in Los Angeles. It’s an all-ages show, with $10 presale tickets. Hope to see you there!